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The recipe of our smooth chickpea gluten free bread

Éric Kayser offers gluten free breads in his Parisian shop since quite a few years. This chickpea gluten free bread is at the same time tasty and original. A lot of you will fall for it, gluten intolerant or just curious kind.

Recette du pain sans gluten au pois chiche de Maison Kayser
Maison Kayser Academy

The recipe of the Ciabatta Bread and pizza base

Today, Éric Kayser shows you how to bake beautiful Ciabattas. These olive oil breads from the South of Europe will surprise you with their smooth crumbs.And surprise yourself by creating beautiful homemade pizzas with these ciabattas dough.

La recette filmée de la ciabatta et de la base pizza
Maison Kayser Academy

The country loaf recipe by Maison Kayser

Éric Kayser shows you that a French Classic can easily be baked at home. Our recipe is faithful to our Maison’s signature, you’ll find sourdough starter and a pinch of rye flour.

Le pain de campagne, une recette filmée présentée par Eric Kayser
Maison Kayser Academy

The Brioche, a recipe by Éric Kayser

Can you smell this sweet odour of brioche freshly out of the oven? In this video, Éric Kayser invites you to bake your own little and classic nib sugar brioche and small pink almond pralines brioches.

Maison Kayser Academy

The basics of bread making: kneading, shaping and scoring

Éric Kayser shows you the basics of bread making. You heard about the temperature of the water, the kneading, the shaping and the scoring. But, these notions are still quite vague for you. This film has been created to help you understand the principles of breadmaking

Les bases de la panification: L'eau de coulage