Si Over the years, Maison Kayser has made a name for itself with its high-quality bread, pastries and cakes thanks to its ability to constantly update and enhance its expertise.

Levain for added flavour

Eric Kayser has made his mark from the beginning with his willingness to use liquid levain as a starter for his breads and pastries.
This fermentation agent has a close connection with early bread, as the mix of water and flour (refreshed regularly) was the first to be used in bread making.
Modern, twentieth-century bakers had a tendancy to ignore it, preferring to use yeast. Yeast is easier to use and quickly produces leavened bread of a good size. However, it does not keep as well and its aroma is less appetising than bread made from levain.
This is the main reason why Eric Kayser was so keen to reinstate this practice, which we now use for all our breads, croissants, brioches and so on.

French wheat flour

Maison Kayser makes all its bread for the French market from French wheat flour. We source our flour from a number of different millers who use wheat from Ile de France, Beauce, Burgundy, Oise and Charente. We do everything to keep our supply chain as short as possible; for example, we buy from millers from the Lyon region for our bakeries located in the south of France. The wheat we use for our bread is also CRC (sustainable farming) or Label Rouge certified, or is produced by organic farming or similar…

Product development and gluten-free products

Our story is still being written. To meet the expectations of our customers, we are continually improving our products to give them more taste, using ever more cutting-edge production methods and selecting the very finest ingredients. Since the end of 2013, our gluten-intolerant customers have been able to enjoy our products thanks to the gluten-free range offered by some of our Parisian bakeries or delivered to your door.

Our ancient grain loaf, made with ancient grains

In 2018, in his pursuit of natural goodness, Eric Kayser found a network of farmers who were able to produce wheat flour made from farmers’ seeds that have been around since before 1950.
These champions of traditional cereals are keen to retain their independence when it comes to their seeds. More than that, defending the living heritage these plant species represent and preserving biodiversity is at the heart of their practices.
This ancient wheat flour is known as type 80 ; it contains the wheatgerm in which all the cereal’s nutritional goodness is concentrated.

Good eggs

Since the very beginning, Maison Kayser has made respecting fauna and flora a cornerstone of its approach. Keen to meet our customers’ environmental expectations, we have committed to ensuring that by 2025 all the eggs and egg products we use to make our own products come from barn-raised or free-range chickens. This is how long it will take for the industry to transition in France.

Unique expertise at the heart of an extensive product range It’s hard to imagine a meal without bread.
Maison Kayser has developed a series of recipes based on this vital foodstuff to turn it into the perfect gourmet accompaniment. This is how our “baker’s cuisine” was born, and it can now be found in each one of our company’s bakeries, as well as in a more refined form in our bakery restaurants.

Financiers are the sweet little treats no afternoon tea should be without, and we each have our own tasty memories of these retro delicacies. Like Proust’s famous madeleines, they take us straight back to our childhood with every bite of their slightly crunchy crust and soft almond-flavoured interior.

Maison Kayser has made a miniature version in chocolate, plain or pistachio to mix things up a bit.The blend of textures and sensations in a macaron is the reason why this mini dessert has become so popular and famous: a little crunch, a soft centre and a smooth creaminess in colours and flavours that add to the visual and tasting pleasure. Raspberry, pistachio and chocolate: our offering varies with the seasons but our methods stay the same. The shells are made from specially selected ground almonds, carefully made into meringues by our bakers and then generously filled with cream, ganache or candied fruit. Our macarons contain no added colours. The perfect treat for yourself or a deserving other.

Our pastries are also made using liquid levain, which gives them a beautiful crunch and an exceptional shelf life. The dough is kneaded slowly before the butter is incorporated and is then allowed to rest. Making a fabulously flaky croissant from high-quality ingredients takes time! In fact, many hours of patience are needed to create a few seconds of pleasure.

Polishing one off is a piece of cake! This classic sweet treat is back in the spotlight, with the public clamouring for choux pastry-based specialities. But Maison Kayser has been making great éclairs long before this latest trend and even produces them in multiple flavours, including chocolate, coffee and seasonal variations

Everyone has their favourite tart recipe, whether the pastry used is shortcrust, puff or something else! Maison Kayser’s range draws on the seasons and its bakers for inspiration, with some of its tarts becoming classics over the years. These include the Tarte Monge (named after our first store), which pairs tangy summer fruit pur?e with sweet fromage blanc and our pistachio & apricot tart, whose taste will transport you straight into a warm summer’s afternoon – even in winter!