From the very beginning, Éric Kayser has surrounded himself with passionate women and men who share his vision of good bread and craftsmanship. If today Kayser is able to offer quality products throughout the world, it is thanks to the involvement of its employees.

An elegant blend of professions

Determined to retain his company’s artisanal, versatile and dynamic character, Eric Kayser has opened it up to wide variety of professions. As a bakery, cake shop, caterer, café and (in some stores) restaurant, we pride ourselves on giving equal importance to all these activities and successfully combining them.

People and places

Maison Kayer’s international expansion began in 2001 in Japan. Now Japan is the Maison’s second largest market, with around thirty stores operating there. The commitment and talent shown by the Japanese bakers and chefs has been an inspiration to the group’s many employees, whether in France, Portugal, the Philippines, the USA, Chile or elsewhere. Morocco, Hong Kong and New York have also joined the fold in recent years. Every minute, someone is enjoying one of our creations somewhere in the world, which is the challenge that keeps us going: a determination to share the love of good bread. For the future, Maison Kayser has set its sights on retaining its artisan baker status and proudly bearing the values it holds dear. Whether it’s in a transport hub like a station or an airport, a shopping centre or a high street, the recipe remains the same.

Different cultures, different tastes, same passion

Although our company has grown, it has retained its artisanal character, with individuals and their dreams at its heart. This applies to all the countries we operate in, from France to Mexico and from Cambodia to Senegal and Portugal. Everyone has the same passion and shares the same goal: to create great bread.