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Vegetable charcoal bread – Bread of the month, June 2018

Hidden inside a crunchy crust sprinkled with toasted flax, millet, sesame and poppy seeds is an ebony-coloured interior. In June, activated vegetable charcoal – which can help to detox and purify your body – features in the Kayser bakery's bread of the month.

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Ham & Salad Tourte de Meule Sandwich – Sandwich of the month, September 2018

Savour the last warmth of the summer sun along with our fresh ham and salad sandwich.The tangy taste of our Tourte de Meule bread is the perfect foil for the tender ham and sun-kissed salad. We’ve lifted the flavour of our September sandwich of the month by adding a basil, aniseed and mint pesto for …

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Spirulina Chicken Sandwich – Sandwich of the month, October 2018

Make lunchtime a pleasure by giving your body a boost. Our October sandwich of the month is made from our bread of the month: spirulina and pumpkin seed. The nutritional benefits of spirulina have been known about for many centuries, all over the world. Rich in beta-carotene, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin E (antioxidant), protein, minerals …

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Spirulina and Pumpkin Seed Bread – Bread of the month, October 2018

In October, Maison Kayser will take good care of you with its new Spirulina and Pumpkin Seed Ciabatta. This moist bread contains a generous drizzle of olive oil packed with essential fatty acids – the secret to good health. Enjoyed all over the world from the 9th century (Chad) until the 16th century (the Aztecs), …