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The winter breads

Les pains de l'hiver: farine de sarrasin et kasha & petit épeautre

The buckwheat and kasha seeds bread with its dark crumb & the einkorn wheat bread and its golden crumb.

At Maison Kayser, each season has its own special breads! This year, Éric Kayser wanted to offer you two breads inspired by seasonal flavours.

The buckwheat and kasha seeds bread, with its dark, tight crumb, highlights all the flavours of the buckwheat. The flour with its subtle nutty flavour is paired with kasha, these buckwheat seeds with a smoky and grilled taste. A comforting bread for winter.

Our bread with einkorn flour and its golden crumb is full of minerals and vitamins. The einkorn is an ancient wheat which gives the bread this light nutty taste. Due to its low gluten content, it is difficult to shape the bread, which is why we proof and cook it in a baking tin that gives it its rectangular shape.

From breakfast to dinner, this winter, paired your meals with one of our seasonal breads.