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Recipe of the plain and chocolate chips Viennese bread

A part of the French bakery’s tradition came from Austria. The “viennoiserie” know-how came from this country’s capital, Vienna.

Smooth and with a great preservation, the Viennese bread will quickly be your favourite sweet or savoury’s snacks friend. And will become a key bread in your kitchen, thanks to this recipe presented by Éric Kayser.

The ingredients:

500g of flour.
15g to 20g of fresh baker’s yeast.
10g of salt.
70g of sourdough starter.
100g of butter.
20g of milk powder.
60g of sugar.
250g of water.
200g of chocolate chips.

The utensils:

An electric strand mixer.
A dough cutter.
A dough scrapper.
A brush.
A bread lame.
A thermometer.

The timings:

Kneading: more or less 15 minutes
1st rising: 1 hour
Resting: 30 minutes
Proofing: 2 hours
Baking: 20 minutes

The recipe:

At first, pour the liquids in the mixer’s bowl: water, fresh baker’s yeast, the sourdough starter.
Then add the milk powder, the flour.
And start at first speed.


Add the sugar and the salt.
Speed up at the median speed and knead for 10 minutes.


Then when the blending is almost done, add the butter.
And continue the kneading for 3 more minutes.


At this point, you can add the chocolate drop if you like.
Slow down at first speed just to incorporate them for a second or so. Be careful not to knead for too long. Otherwise, the chips with smash and disappear during the baking.


Stop the mixer and form a ball with the dough.
Place it in a bowl for an hour to rest, covered with a cloth.


Cut your doughs in half and form a sausage with them.
Cut them in 120g pieces.
And form balls with these pieces by bringing back the edge of the doughs to the middle.
Leave them to rest for a half an hour.


Prepare the Viennese tray with a greaseproof paper or by greasing it with butter.
Stretch the dough out a bit and place the top in the middle and pinch the edges together.
Stretch out the dough in one gesture. Be careful to roll it out for too long or you will damage it.


Place the doughs in the Viennese tray, seam underneath.
Glaze them with an egg, if you want.
Score them in sausage from top to bottom. Don’t hesitate to score quite deep into them.
Leave them to proof for 2 hours.


Finally, put the tray in the oven at 200°C for 20 min.


Savour them plain, or sliced with butter, jam or chocolate spread, or drunk in your favourite hot beverage.
Or use them as bread for your sandwich for a tender sweet and savoury snack.


Bon appétit.