Maison Kayser Academy

Make your own sourdough starter following Éric Kayser’s recipe.

Who never wanted to know the secret of a homemade sourdough starter?

It has always seemed so complicated. But, in fact, it is so very simple.


Let Éric Kayser shows you the step by step.

THE Ingredients:

20g + 40g + 80g of rye flour
100g of plain wheat flour
20g + 40g + 80g + 100g of water
5g + 5g of honey

The Utensils:

Small and large mixing bowls

The Timings:

30 seconds per day, for 4 days

1st Day:
Start by stirring together:
20g of rye flour
5g of honey (a half of a teaspoon of honey)
20g of water


Be careful to mix every little bits of it. It is very important if you want a good sourdough starter.
Cover it with a clean cloth, and leave it to rest for 24 hours. (ambient temperature).


2nd Day:
Take your previous mix back and add:
40g of rye flour
40g of water
5g of honey


And you stir it together toward the bottom of the glass. You should not see even a seed of flour. It is what we call “refreshing” the levain.
Cover it with a clean cloth. And leave it to ferment for 24 hours. (ambient temperature)


3rd Day:
Put your previous mix a larger bowl and add:
80g of rye flour
80g of water


You can mix with your hands in order to feel your leaven. Be careful to stir well.
And once again, cover it with a clean cloth. And leave it to ferment for 24 hours. (ambient temperature).


4th Day:
Take your previous mix and add:
100 g plain wheat flour
100g of water


The last mixing. Be careful to stir well.

Your starter is now ready to use. Use 10% to 20% of it for the weight of the flour.


You can keep the rest on the fridge for 24h, 48h or 72h (airtight)
And the day before using it, you should refresh it with wheat flour and water.
For example, if you have 200g of sourdough starter
You add 200g of wheat flour and 200g of water


If you notice that it doesn’t work the same as it used to, that the dough is not fermented enough. You can add 5g, 10g or 20g of honey.


Your turn to play.