Éric Kayser offers gluten free breads in his Parisian shop since quite a few years.


This chickpea gluten free bread is at the same time tasty and original. A lot of you will fall for it, gluten intolerant or just curious.

The ingredients for 1 bread:

54g of rice flour.
42g of buckwheat flour.
54g of chickpea flour.
40g of potato starch.
40g of tapioca starch.
3g of salt.
5g of sugar.
10g of psyllium.
30g + 100g of sparkling water.
100g of tepid water.
60g of egg.
14g of olive oil.
6g of baker’s yeast.
2,5g of cider vinegar.

The utensils:

2 mixing bowls.
An electric stand mixer with a flat beater.
A whisk.
4 baking pans.
A dessert spoon.

The timings:

Mixing: 10 minutes (approximatively)
Rising: 45 minutes
Baking n°1: 20 minutes at 240°C
Baking n°2: 20 minutes at 220°C
Baking n°3: 20 minutes at 210°C

The recipe:

Blend in a bowl 30g of sparkling water with the baker’s yeast and the vinegar.


In the first mixing bowl, whisk all the dry ingredients: the flours, starches, salt, sugar and psyllium.
As we will not knead much in the mixer. We need them to be perfectly blended altogether, before.


And whisk the rest in the second mixing bowl: the eggs, olive oil, sparkling water, tepid water.


Then, add the liquid preparation, first in the mixer.
Start at 1st speed.


And add the dry preparation, gently. Not for long, only to no longer see lumps.


Then, add the preparation with the yeast for 30 more seconds at 1st speed. But the less we knead, the better it is.


Switch off the mixer.
Grease the pans and fill them with the mixing at 2/3 of their height.


Smooth the breads with a dessert spoon and very hot water.
You should do that very quickly, otherwise the dough will hardens.


Leave it to rest for 45 minutes.


Be careful to always leave space between the pans before putting them in the oven.


And follow these 3 steps for the baking:
Baking n°1: 240°C at 20 minutes
Baking n°2: 220°C at 20 minutes
Remove your breads from the pans and put them back in the oven for:
Baking n°3: 210°C at 20 minutes*


And now, savour, it is just sublime.