Éric Kayser shows you how to bake beautiful Ciabattas.


These olive oil breads from the South of Europe will surprise you with their smooth crumbs. Perfect pairing for your summer dishes or in sandwiches, they are also ideal for your pre-dinner toasts.

And surprise yourself by creating beautiful homemade pizzas with these ciabattas dough.

The ingredients:

500g of wheat flour.
330g of water.
100g of sourdough starter.
7g of fresh baker’s yeast.
10g of coarse salt.
30g of olive oil.

The utensils:

The electric stand mixer.
The digital probe thermometer.
The dough cutter.
The dough scraper.
The rolling pin.
The brush.
An oven rack.
A greaseproof paper.

The timings:

Kneading: around 10 minutes
1st rising: 2 hours (with a folding after the 1st hour)
Rest: 15 minutes
2nd rising: Bread: 45 minutes, Pizza: 30 minutes
Resting of the pizza: 30 minutes
Baking: Bread: ≃ 10 minutes, Pizza: ≃ 10 minutes (depending on your garnish).

The recipe:

It is a quite liquid dough, so start with the water.
Add the sourdough starter, the fresh baker’s yeast and the flour.
We start the kneading at 1st speed.


Add the coarse salt.
Speed up at 2nd speed for 3, 4 minutes.


I slow down at 1st speed.
And add the olive oil.


Speed up at the second pace.
And blend until the dough’s unsticking the bowl.
Slow down at first speed to dust the bowl with flour for a few seconds.
Stop the mixer and take the dough in one piece.


Form a nice ball.
And put it in a floured bowl.
Take its temperature. It should be around 23-24°C.


Cover your ball with a cloth and leave it to rest for a first hour.


After an hour, fold it to make it stronger.
Roll the dough out.
Place the right in the middle, the left in the middle and the top in the middle, the bottom in the middle.
Flour the mixing bowl again and place the dough in the middle.
Covered it with a cloth.
And leave it to rest for another hour.


Cut 4 equal pieces from your dough.
Dust your table with flour.
And slightly flatten the doughs.
Leave them to rest for 15 minutes, always covered.


*Finishing the ciabatta*
Flatten the dough. And bring back the left in the middle and the right in the middle.
We dust the greaseproof paper with flour, in order to turn them over just before putting them in the oven.
Let them proof for 45 minutes.


Put them in the oven for 4min at 235°C and 12 min at 220°C


*Finishing the pizza*
Form a ball with your dough by taking all the edges toward the middle, the dough tighten with your thumb.
Leave it to rest for another half an hour.

Degas it.
Roll it out on one side and on the other side to keep a round form. It should not be thicker on one side than on the other.

I’m placing it in its greaseproof paper down the oven rack or the pizza stone.
Garnish it with your favourite food.
Leave it to rest for 30 minutes


Bake it at 240°C for more or less 10 minutes (depending on your garnish).


Buon Appetito.