Maison Kayser Academy

Fig, pumpkin seed and fennel bread – Bread of the month, November 2018

Autumn marks the return of sweet, aromatic flavours. It’s the season of pumpkins, mushrooms, cabbage, pears and chestnuts, bursting with goodness to turn your meals into gourmet extravaganzas. For the month of November, Maison Kayser has embraced these treasures and combined them beautifully in its gourmet bread with aromatic ripe fig notes, crunchy pumpkin seeds …

Maison Kayser Academy

Hazelnuts and chestnuts are the stars of the festive season

?ric Kayser and his team are offering a special edition “hazelnutine” Yule log Hazelnuts are renowned for their delicate flavour and are one of our favourite “berries”. Here, crisp meets creamy with a combination of hazelnut dacquoise sponge, traditional (almond and hazelnut) praline, roasted hazelnuts and lemon mousse…Its sweetness and subtle flavour evoke childhood memories …

Maison Kayser Academy

Ekmek bread with yuzu and candied mandarin & lemon – Bread of the month, February 2019

Once again this year, our bakers are proud to produce their Ekmek bread with yuzu and candied mandarin & lemon for your tasting pleasure, every morning in February. Ekmek is a Turkish bread made with a combination of olive oil and honey to give a moist texture and sublime honey flavour. Yuzu, also known as …