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The exclusive recipe of Éric Kayer’s cornmeal loaf baked in a casserole dish

For his new recipe, Éric Kayser innovates and shares a step-by-step tutorial of a bread baked in a casserole dish.

This bread recipe is prepared with fine cornmeal flour that will make it smoother and gives it this beautiful golden colour.

The ingredients:

100g of fine cornmeal flour.
150g of wheat flour.
160g of water at 20°C.
50g of sourdough starter.
5g of salt.
3g of fresh baker’s yeast.
1 tablespoon of olive oil (for the mixing bowl’s greasing).

The utensils:

A bread lame.
Some greaseproof paper.
A mixing ball.
A dough scraper.
A small casserole dish to proof and bake the bread.

The timings:

Kneading: between 10 and 20 minutes depending of the way of kneading.
First rising: 45 minutes
Proofing in the casserole dish: 1h30
Baking: 35 minutes at 250°C

The recipe:

Kneading with the hands:
To be more efficient and faster, pour the water first.
Then, add the yeast and the sourdough starter.

Blend with your hands until everything has been absorbed by the water, until you don’t feel any fragments under your fingers.


Add the both flours and the salt, and blend properly. You may still have lumps in your dough, but, it is normal, it is due to the fine cornmeal flour. Because it is gluten free.


Kneading with an electric stand mixer:
Pour the water, the yeast and the sourdough starter in the mixer’s ball.
Start by mixing these ingredients at first speed until total absorption.

Add both flours and the salt, then, speed up at a faster pace for a few minutes. Until all the ingredients are perfectly blended.
Stop your mixer and place your dough on your slightly floured table.


Add air in your dough with your both hands, meaning, picking it up with your fingers while adding air in it.


Grease your mixing bowl with some olive oil.
Pre-form a ball with your dough and let it to rest for 45 minutes


Get the dough out of the bowl and place it down your slightly floured table.

Form a ball by bringing all the edges in the middle. Don’t try to form a perfect ball in order to not damage your dough.


Cut your greaseproof paper at the form of your casserole dish.
Place your dough in the middle of your casserole dish covered with the greaseproof paper.


Let it proof for 1h30 covered with the casserole lid.


Score your dough, be careful, it is very delicate.


Put the lid back on the casserole dish.
Bake it for 35 minutes at 250°C.

Get your bread out of the casserole dish coming out of the oven, while your bread is still hot.
Then, get rid of the greaseproof paper surrounding it.
Indeed, if you don’t let your bread breathe right after the baking, it will stay moist and would soften the crust of your bread.


It is time to savour your bread with a bit of butter or sliced for the aperitif.