Éric Kayser shows you how to bake these delicious sweet bouchées that will brighten your breakfasts.

From the preparation of the choux pastry to the baking in the oven, follow the step-by-step of this recipe and amaze your close ones with these divine chouquettes.

The ingredients:

15g of sugar.
175g of butter.
20cl of milk.
22cl of water.
230g of flour.
3g of salt
80g of thick crème fraiche.
6 eggs.
100g of pearl sugars.

The utensils:

A hob.
A pan.
A whisk.
A sieve.
A pastry bag.
An oven tray and its greaseproof paper.

The timings:

Preparation: between 10 and 20 minutes
Shaping: 5 minutes
Baking: ±18 minutes at 180°C

The recipe:

Pour the water, the milk, the butter, the sugar and the salt in the pan.
Bring them to the boil.


In the same time, sift the flour with the sieve.


Once the first ingredients are boiling, pour the sifted flour in the casserole in one gesture.


Mix with your wooden spatula till the dough has dried out, till is entirely unstuck from the pan. Be careful that there is no more flour on the edges of the pan.


Put down the pan on your table, away from the hob.
Let is slightly cool down (no more than one or two minutes). The dough should still be a bit warm to blend the rest of the ingredients.


Add the crème fraiche to the dough in the casserole and mix until complete blending.
Then, add a first egg. Once it is perfectly blended, add the rest of the eggs.

Mix, slowly, till complete blending. You can use the whisk, now.


To check that your choux pastry is ready, draw a line with your finger in the dough. If the edges don’t come back to quickly, your dough is perfect.


Fill your pastry bag with the choux pastry.
Close it, turn it on itself and form 3 to 4 cm rounds on your oven tray covered with the greaseproof paper (of course, if you prefer, feel free to form bigger rounds).
Don’t forget to leave enough space between each chouquette otherwise they will stuck to each other during the baking.


Decorate each chouquette with pearl sugars while pressing a little bit on it to stick them to the chouquettes.


Place your tray in the oven for more or less 18 minutes at 180°C.


Don’t resist the simple pleasure to savour this little sweet bouchées with your favourite beverage.