The Brioche des Rois is shared with family or friends in the South of France for the Epiphany.

It is a delicious brioche flavoured with orange blossom water and decorated with pearl sugars and candied fruits.

And do not forget the charm and crown to celebrate your queen or king properly.

The ingredients for two 6 parts brioches:

290g of Farine de gruau (also known as wheat strength flour).
6g of coarse sea salt.
60g of sugar.
12g of fresh baker yeast.
44g of sourdough starter.
166g of eggs + 1 egg for the glaze.
60g of thick cream.
120g of butter.
8g of orange blossom water.
86g candied multi-fruits’ cubes.
26g candied oranges’ cubes.
26g of sultanas.
10 tablespoons of jam (without morsel).
100g (or more depending on your taste) of pearl sugars.
Entire candied fruits for the decoration (depending on your inspiration).

The utensils:

A mixing bowl.
A brush.
A dough scraper.
And oven rack with its greaseproof paper.
And electric stand mixer.


And don’t forget the charms and the crowns.

The timings:

1st rising: 2 hours
Rest: 30 minutes
Proofing: 2 hours
Baking: 25 min at 200°C

The recipe:

Start by pouring all the liquids in your mixer’s bowl: the eggs, the sourdough starter, the orange blossom water.


Add the yeast and the flour.


Start the mixer at middle speed.


Add the salt and the sugar.


Then, add the thick cream.


Meanwhile, soften the butter in your hand.


Once the dough is unsticking the mixer’s bowl, slow down at first speed and add the butter piece by piece.


Speed up a bit, in order to properly blend the butter in the dough.


Slow down at first speed, and, add the cubes of candied fruits and the sultanas. Don’t blend for too long to not damage these last ingredients in the dough.


Stop the mixer and use your dough scraper to get the dough out. Put it down your slightly floured table.


Check that your brioche’s dough is properly kneaded by taking a small piece of it in your hand. You should be able to form a nice ball without tearing it apart.


Form a ball with your dough. Place it down a slightly floured mixing bowl covered with a clean cloth.
Leave it to rest for two hours.


Unstick your dough with your dough scraper and place it down your slightly floured table.


Divide your dough in two.
Forms balls with your doughs.
And, leave them to rest on your floured table for 30 minutes.


Pierce the doughs in the middle (with the palm of your hand of the elbow).
Stretch it out from the hole with your hands while degassing it in the same time.


Place your brioches down your oven rack covered with its greaseproof paper.
Do not forget to leave a four fingers space between each brioche.


Glaze your brioches with a beaten egg.
Leave them to proof for two hours.


Glaze your doughs, again, with a beaten egg, before placing them in the oven.


Bake for 25 minutes at 200°C.


Once cold, insert the charms in the brioches with the help of a small knife.


Coat your brioche with jam (without morsel, if needed, mix it).


Decorate your brioches with entire candied fruits.

Finish by placing your pearl sugars in the sides of your brioches.


Now, you should, just, reunite your nearest and dearest and name the queen or king of the day.