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The almond croissant, a recipe by Eric Kayser from his book “La boulangerie des petits” (Baking with kids).

To celebrate his new book in French “La boulangerie des petits” (Baking with the kids @LarousseCuisine), Eric Kayser welcomes Brianna and Héloïse to teach them how to bake homemade almond croissants.

It is the ultimate waste reduction recipe. Do not throw your stale croissants away anymore. Let your children transform them into an astonishing afternoon snack.

The ingredients

10 stale croissants.

Some flaked almonds (more or less 70g).

Some icing sugar for the decoration (optional).


For the almond cream:

120g for butter.

2 eggs.

120g of sugar.

120g of almond powder.

10g of corn starch.


For the syrup:

500g of water.

250g of sugar


A small bread knife.

A brush.

A wooden spoon or a pastry bag.

A sieve.

A whisk.

A dough scraper.

A hot plate

A pan.

An electric strand mixer or a mixing bowl if you prefer blending with a whisk.

Your oven rack covered with some greaseproof paper.

The timings:

The preparation of the almond cream: more or less 10 minutes.

Preparation of the sugar syrup: more or less 10 minutes.

Shaping: more or less 10 minutes.

Baking: more or less 25 minutes at 160°C.

The recipe

For the almond cream: children can blend it in a mixing bowl with a whisk (be careful to avoid lumps).

Mix the butter and the sugar in cream till it whitens a bit.

Add the eggs, slowly.

Once the blending is homogenous, add the corn starch.

Then, add your fine almond powder.

For the sugar syrup: only prepared by adults:

Pour the sugar and the water in a pan on the electric hot plate.

Blend both ingredients together with a whisk.

Bring it to the boil till the preparation thicken.

Let it cool down in order to be safe for the children.

Cut the stale croissants in half in the middle (or ask the adults around to help you if it seems too difficult).

Soak each interior of the half croissants with the sugar syrup with the help of a brush or a dessert spoon.

Cover the bottom half of the croissant with almond cream.

Put back the top half of the croissant, on top.

And spread another layer of almond cream on top.

Sprinkle your croissants with flaked almonds (pressing a little bit on them to stick them to the cream).

Place your croissants on the oven rack covered with greaseproof paper.

Baked for 20-25 minutes at 160°C (check the preparation during the baking, because the timings depends on the amount of almond cream spread in them).

Let it cool down and dust them with previously sieved icing sugar, if you want.

Thank you Brianna and Héloïse, it is absolutely delicious.