This white crumb bread studded with mixed seed will have no secret for you.


Choose the seeds you like the most and follow our master baker’s advice.

The ingredients:

500g of wheat flour T65

100g of sourdough starter

3g of fresh baker’s yeast

10g of salt

90g of baker’s seeds (mixed seed of de flax, poppy, sesame, millet or quinoa, what’s make you happy)

300g of water

The utensils:

A mixing bowl

The bread lame

A dough scraper

A frying pan and an electric hotplate.

The timings:

Toasting of the seeds: few minutes (to be realised twenty minutes before kneading)

Kneading by hand: between 10 and 20 minutes

Kneading with the electric mixer: a dozen of minutes

1st rising: 1h30/2h

Rest: more or less 15 minutes

Proofing: 1h30

Baking: 35 minutes at 240°C

The recipe:

Toast the seeds in the frying pan just slightly, for them to have a hazelnut taste.

Put aside until the seeds are cold.


Kneading with an electric stand mixer:

Pour the flour, water, sourdough starter in the mixer bowl. Add the yeast on one side and the salt on the other.

Mix for four minutes at first speed and six more minutes at faster speed.

Once the blending is homogeneous, slow down at 1st speed and add a large half of the cold seeds. Be careful to not blend for too long to not reduce the seeds in ashes.


Kneading by hand:

Pour the water, the sourdough starter and the baker’s yeast in your mixing bowl.

Knead with your hands taking care to crush everything properly.

Then, add the flour, the salt and a large half of the cooler seeds.

Once the blending is homogeneous, get the dough out of your mixing bowl and place it down your table.


Cut your dough with your hands: “I take it, I pull it, I cut it and I strangle it”.

Then, incorporate air inside: “I take it, I stretch it, I incorporate air inside, I turn it a quarter of a turn and push it up front”, until the dough is entirely untucked from the table and smooth on top”.


Dust your bowl with flour.

Form a small ball and place the dough in.


Leave the dough to rest for 1h30-2h covered with a cloth.


Divide the dough in three parts (350/400g).


Preform balls with these pieces.

Leave them to rest in your slightly floured table for fifteen minutes.



Shape your breads while taking care not to add too much flour.

Spread the dough in a rectangle form between your hands.

Fold the top to the middle, and stick it with your fingers.

Fold the middle to the bottom while sticking the seam with your fingers, again.

And finally, slightly stretch your bread while taking care that the seams is correctly closed.

Do the same with the other doughs.


Deep the top of your bread in a mixing bowl filled with water.

Then, in a mixing bowl filled with toasted seeds.

Repeat it with the two other doughs.


Place your doughs in your baking tray covered with greaseproof paper. Leaving enough spaces beatween each dough.


Let them proof for 1h30 at room temperature.


Score your bread with your baker’s lame lengthwise.

Slightly moist them with a brush of water.


Place them in the oven for 35 minutes at 240-250°C.


A nice light bread to be savoured from breakfast to diner.