Eric Kayser welcomes one of France’s greatest pastry chefs: Philippe Conticini -baking’s maestro - and respected by the medias and his peers as a main character of French and international contemporary gastronomy.


The master pastry chef, seconded by Julien Bispo, is showing us the recipe of his mango tart with no added sugars that he has created especially for you.


See all his no added sugars recipes in his last book in French « Gâteaux et gourmandises sans sucre »

The ingredients:

Apple juice reduction:

1l of organic apple juice with no added sugar (to obtain a 180ml of liquid).

The Breton sweet shortcrust pastry:

100g of butter (ideally pastry butter that can be replaced by Charentes-Poitou AOP butter).

80g of apple juice reduction.

80g of almond powder.

150g of T55 flour.

A whole lime zest (5g).

5g of vanilla beans.

3g of salt.

45g of egg yolk.

Mango and fresh goat cheese preparation:

80g of mango cubes.

30g of soft fresh goat cheese (Petit Billy).

15 to 20g of lime juice.

7g of extra virgin olive oil.

A whole lime zest (5g).

15g of apple juice reduction.

10g of egg yolk.

A pinch of
Fleur de sel.

Some fresh
mint leaves.

The ingredients:


80g for the preparation + one or two sour mangos for the decoration (depending on the size of your fruit / a bit ripe, but not too much, neither green or too sweet).



Olive oil glazing:

20g of extra virgin olive oil.

10g of lime juice.

13g of apple juice reduction.

2g of vanilla beans.

The utensils:

An induction plate and its pan.

An 8 cm diameter pastry ring, and a 7 and an 8cm diameter pastry cutters.

Greaseproof paper.

A rolling pin (or equivalent).

A whisk.

A dough scraper or a rubber spatula.

A zester.

A mixing bowl.

An electric stand mixer with the flat beater.

The timings:

Apple juice reduction: More or less an hour.

Breton sweet shortcrust pastry preparation: between 5 and 10 minutes.

Breton sweet shortcrust pastry freezing: 20-25 minutes.

Blind baking: 10 min at 160°C (it is very important to flatten a bit the middle of the pastry before it cools down).

Fresh goat cheese preparation: between 5 and 10 minutes.

Mango cutting: between 5 and 10 minutes.

Baking: 5 min at 160°C.

Final shaping: between 5 to 10 minutes.

The recipe:

Prepare the apple juice reduction (the day before, if you want) by pouring the apple juice in the pan.

Let it reduce for more of less an hour until it gets thicker and caramel coloured (around 180ml).

Be careful, at the end, the reduction is very quick. It could easily burnt or becomes too hard to work.

It has to look like runny honey.


Pour the flour, the fleur de sel, the butter, the almond powder and the apple juice reduction in the electric stand mixer. Start your mixer.

Once the blending is homogeneous, add the vanilla beans and the lime zest.

Mix until the blending is whiter.


Roll the shortcrust pastry on a more or less 1 cm height.

Don’t hesitate to level it with your rolling pin until it is at the same height everywhere.


Place the pastry in the freezer for 20/25 minutes. Until it strengthens, so you can cut it easily because this pastry biscuit is quite moist.


Cut the pastry with a 7 cm pastry cutter and place the pieces in an 8 cm pastry ring because the pastry will raise during baking.


Blind bake the pastry for 10 minutes at 160°C.

Please note that it is very important to flatten the middle of the pastry a bit, before it cools down, while it is still malleable.


Whisk the fresh goat cheese in a mixing bowl to thin it a bit.

Add the olive oil and blend again.

Add the apple juice reduction and a pinch of fleur de sel. And blend again until you don’t feel any fresh cheese bits.

Add the lime zest, the egg yolk and the lime juice.

You’ll get a kind of mayonnaise look.


Slice the mint finely by placing one on top of the other (the larger below) and fold twice on themselves.

Blend it immediately to the preparation for the leaves to not darken.


Cut a mango’s half in thin slices.


Cut two 8cm rings in the middle of a mango’s half with the pastry cutter. A ring below the other.

Keep these mango’s circles for the finale decoration.


Keep the rest of the mango’s thin slices for the preparation.

Roughly cut the rest of your mango in many size cubes.


Coat the cubes with your preparation.


Place in the oven for 5 minutes at 160°C.


Place your mango’s slices on top.


Prepare your icing while blending your apple juice reduction, olive oil, vanilla beans and lime together.

And glaze your mango slices with it.


You can add depth by using a blowlamp on the mango slices; if you have one.

Otherwise, do not place the finalised tarts in the oven or your slices would melt.


We would like to truly thank our dear friend, Philippe Conticini, a great pastry artist, for stopping by our kitchen.


See you very soon.