Unmissable for his Petit-Beurre from Nantes, his fingers or other mini-pastries, Vincent Guerlais is a pastry and chocolate artisan known all the way to Asia.


Enjoy his treasures on his website: https://www.vincentguerlais.com/


Today, he shares his Choco Nantais’ recipe with Éric Kayser. The perfect snack to be savoured after school. A recipe as easy to bake as good to eat.


So, a shortbread biscuit + a gianduja + a shortbread biscuit = a memorable taste.

Les ingrédients:

Shortbread biscuits Sablé Nantais:

180g of butter.

115g of icing sugar.

255g of flour.

2g of sea salt Fleur de sel de Guérande.

1 egg.

1 vanilla pod.

Les ingrédients:

Gianduja (choco-hazelnuts paste)

90g of roasted hazelnuts.

1 vanilla pod

170g of milk chocolate at 40% of cocoa.

Les ustensiles:

A stand mixer and its beater.

A nut chopper to grind the hazelnuts.

A rolling pin.

A pastry bag and its 6mm pipe.

A serrated pastry-cutter with a 7 cm diameter.

A plastic wrap.

A greaseproof paper.

Les temps:

Kneading of the shortbread biscuits: a dozen of minutes.

Rest of the pastry: minimum 2 hours (till 3 days) in the fridge.

Preparation of the baking: more or less 15 minutes.

Baking of the pastry: ± 12 minutes at 170/180°C.

Preparation of the gianduja: a dozen minutes.

Finishing stage of the Choco’ Nantais: a dozen of minutes.

Rest of the shaped biscuits: one hour.


Pour the icing sugar and the butter in the mixing bowl of your mixer.

Start at first speed.

Add the sea salt Fleur de sel de Guérande.

Take the beans of the vanilla and add them to your preparation.

Stop your mixer, add your egg and start, again.


Once your blending is homogeneous, you can add the flour and mix until the blending is complete.


Bring the pieces of dough together in one loaf.

Cover your bowl with a plastic wrap.

And leave the pastry to rest, at least, for two hours in the fridge. Correctly filmed, it can stay, there, three days. But, you can, also, keep it longer if you place it in your freezer.


Divide your pastry in two parts so that it will be easier to be rolled.

Dust your table with flour.

Roll your pastry with the help of the rolling pin while turning it around the table. It should be 2,50 millimetres tall on its whole surface.

If your room is too hot, then, the butter in the pastry may melt. Place it back in the fridge for a few minutes, so, your butter should solidify, again.


Cut the small serrated biscuits with your pastry cutter.


Bake for 12 minutes at 170/180°C, depending on your oven.


Place your roasted hazelnuts, your milk chocolate and the seeds of your second vanilla pod in the nut chopper to get a homogeneous hazelnuts paste.


Fill your pastry bag with this gianduja. And pipe the thickness of a biscuit on your shortbread. Finish your lace of choco-hazelnuts paste at 0,5 centimetres of the edges.


Cover with another biscuit. Be careful that the notches are facing one to the other.

At the end, you’ll get a three equal layers for each Choco’ Nantais.


Leave your Choco’ Nantais to rest for a little hour, in order to let the gianduja and the biscuits to fix.


A special thanks to Vincent and all his Chef’s secrets.


It is your time, now. Prepare, bake and savour.