A delight all day long. The bagel is much simpler to bake than you previously thought.

Follow Eric Kayser’s step-by-step recipe.

The ingredients:

500g of T65 wheat flour (all purpose-plain)

200g of water

100g of sourdough starter

5g of fresh baker yeast

10g of salt

20g of sugar

1 egg (+1 for the glaze)

25g of butter (almost melted)

And seeds for the decoration (poppy, sesame, etc... follow you envy)

The utensils

An electronic stand mixer.

An oven rack or a baking pan and a greaseproof paper.

Some bowls.

A brush.

A pan.

A hotplate.

A skimming spoon.

The timings:

Kneading: a dozen of minutes

1st rising: 1 hour

1st resting: 30 minutes

2nd resting: 30 minutes

1st baking in water: 3 minutes per bagel (turning it over at half-time)

2nd baking in the oven: more or less 15 minutes at 200°C

Pour the water, the flour, the egg, the almost melted butter, the sourdough starter; the sugar and the salt on one side, and the yeast on the other side.

Start your electric stand mixer at first speed and mix for two, three minutes.

Speed the pace and let it knead till the dough is homogeneous.


Dust the mixer’s bowl, your mixing bowl and the table with flour.

Get the dough out of the mixer’s bowl and put it down your table.

Form a ball with your dough and place it in your mixing bowl.

Cover with a clean cloth.


Let the dough to ferment for an hour at room temperature.


Divide your dough in 100g weight pieces.


Form balls with these doughs using your table. Be careful to not use too much flour.

Place your balls seams underneath.

Cover with a clean cloth.


And let them rest for more or less thirty minutes.


Place a bit of flour on the top-centre of you balls.

And use your elbow to form a pre-hole in the middle of your doughs. Press till your bone touches the table.


Enlarge the hole with your hand by stretching on the dough in a quite homogeneous gesture. Stretch the dough, gently, in order to have a regular hole.

Place your dough on the table. And repeat the gesture with the other doughs.


Take your dough and stretch your hole, again.

Place your dough back in your slightly floured table. Gently flatten it with your hands to avoid the hole to close.


Leave your doughs to rest for 30 minutes under a clean cloth to avoid crusting.


Simmer some water in your pan on a hotplate.

Gently place your doughs in water with your skimming spoon.


Let it cook for 1min30 on each side by turning them over with your skimming spoon.


Get your bagels out and place them in a greaseproof paper in your oven rack.


Glaze your bagels with a beaten egg.

And sprinkle the top with seeds of your choice (sesame, poppy, etc…)


Place in the oven for more or less 15 minutes at 200°C.


Let them cool down.

Now, you just have to fill them with your favourite seasonal food.


Bon appétit.