The recipe of the bun, the burger bread. Because you can’t have a good burger without a good bread.


In his new recipe, Éric Kayser unveils the secrets of the bun, the real hamburger’s bread.

The ingredients:

500g of flour.
100g of sourdough starter.
35g of sugar.
25g of whole milk powder.
75g of egg yolk.
50g of soften butter.
8g of coarse salt.
16g of fresh baker yeast.
200g of water.
50g of sunflower oil (optional) + sunflower oil for the shaping.
Sesame seeds for the decoration.

The utensils:

An electronic stand mixer.
A dough scraper.
An oven plate with its greaseproof paper.
Or a perforated buns mould.

The timings:

The kneading: more or less 10 minutes.
1st rising: 30 minutes at least
Resting: 10 minutes
Proofing: 1h30
Baking: more or less 15 minutes at 180°C.

The recipe:

If you knead with the electronic stand mixer, it is best to pour the liquids first.
So, add the eggs and the water.
Then, the milk powder, the salt on one side and the fresh baker yeast on the other (they should not touch each other in order for the salt to not damage the yeast).
And then, add the sugar, the flour and the sourdough starter.


Start your mixer at first speed till the ingredients are well blended.
You can speed up a bit in order to have a homogeneous dough.


Slow down at first speed when your dough has stopped sticking the mixer bowl.
Add the soften butter (and the sunflower oil, if you want).


Stop the mixer.
Get the dough out of the mixer with your dough scraper.
Flour your table and finish to knead by hands to make it stronger.


Place your dough in a bowl covered with a cloth.
And let is rest for 30 minutes at least.


Divide the dough in 100g pieces each.
Preform balls.
Let them rest for a dozen of minutes.


Form beautiful balls with your rested loaves.


Moisturize the top of your loaves with water or sunflower oil (according to your taste).
And coat them with sesame seeds while holding the dough by the seams.


Put your loaves down in the perforated buns mould.
Or place them on the oven plate covered with greaseproof paper leaving thee fingers space between the buns. To avoid them touching and melting each other during the baking.


Bake for more or less 15 minutes at 180°C.


Now, you just have to let your artistic flair expresses itself and creates the most delicious burgers.