Maison Kayser Academy

The recipe of the Burger de la Pampa de Juan Arbelaez in an Éric Kayser’s bun.

Today, Éric Kayser welcomes a special guest. Juan Arbelaez, the famous Chef who is going to teach us his hamburger recipe prepared with our bun.


The talented young Chef is inspired by his Colombian roots to concoct a burger with reminiscent of Latin: the burger de la pampa.

The ingredients:

150g of Charolais minced beef at 15 to 20% of fat per burger.
1 beefsteak tomato.
100g of Iberian chorizo.
1 red onion.
1 garlic clove.
1 red sweet pepper.
Olive oil.

The pickle:

To be prepared, at least, the day before.
1 courgette.
100ml of Cherry vinegar.
50g of sugar.
10g of peppercorn
(+garlic, onion, etc.… aromatic garnish that suits you).

The Finishing:

1 tablespoon of wholegrain mustard.
1 tablespoon of mayonnaise.
1 slice of cheddar

The utensils:

A pan.
A hotplate.
A knife.
A chopping board.

The timings:

Pickles: 10 minutes (to be prepared the day before, at least)
Preparation and Cooking: 10 to 15 minutes
(depending on the doneness of the meat)
Presentation of the burger: 5 minutes

The recipe:

Start by preparing your pickles the day before (at least).
Boil the vinegar and the sugar to dissolve it.
Let it cool down, add your slices of courgettes (4 to 5 mm cut), the pepper and the aromatic garnish.
Pour in a hermetic jar.


Season your steaks and sear them just a bit in the pan.
Cut your chorizo and place the pieces on the other side of the pan.
Cut your onions (keeping some slices for the presentation) and place them on another side of the pan.

The same, chop your sweet pepper. And stir all the ingredients together.


When your steaks are just seared, take them out of the pan.


Cut the beefsteak tomato (keeping one slice for the presentation) and add the pieces in your pan. Blend all the ingredients together.
Cut your garlic clove and crush it with the back of your knife. (You can add a bit of salt on top to serve as pestle). And you add the tip of a large knife of garlic to your preparation.
Cook for two to three minutes until your vegetables preparation looks like a sauce.


Cut your bun in half.
Brown your crumbs in the pan with a dash of olive oil and the juices of your preparation.


Take your buns out of the pan.


Finish the cooking of your steaks according to your tastes.
Put your vegetable preparation on top of your steaks and cover with a slice of cheddar.


Remove from heat and cover your pan with a lid to melt the cheese with warm.


Spread the bottom of your bun with mayonnaise. Add the wholegrain mustard on top.
Add slices of pickles and the last slice of beefsteak tomato.
Add the steak, the vegetables and the melted cheddar.
And finish with one or several slices of raw red onions.


Finish with the top of the bun.


Enjoy your own Chef meal.