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Simple but sublime, the recipe of the meringue, mascarpone whipped cream & red fruits by Eric Kayser

Summer days make us want a pastry as gourmet, as light as a cloud.


Today, Éric Kayser shows you how to make a meringue and a mascarpone-whipped cream paired with the red fruits of your choice.


An easy to make dessert, but with a sublime presentation that it will amaze your loved ones.

The ingredients:

The mascarpone whipped cream:

100g of mascarpone.

233g of whipping cream (35% fat level).

27g of icing sugar.


The meringue:

3 egg whites.

200g of caster sugar.

The ingredients:

The red fruits:

More or less a basket of raspberries for three disk meringues.

Or the red fruits that catch your eyes at the market.


The red fruits purée (optional):

Some red fruits (don’t hesitate to use the fruits that have been a bit damaged on the edges).

Some tablespoons of sugar.


The utensils:

An electric stand mixer.

Bowls and mixing bowls.

Cling film.

Greaseproof paper.

An icing bag with a round and a fluted nozzle (optional).


The timing:

The mascarpone-whipped-cream: a dozen of minutes.

The blending of the meringue’s ingredients: a dozen of minutes.

The shaping of the meringue: a dozen of minutes.

The baking of the meringue: 1h at 100°C.

The cooking of the red fruits purée: a dozen of minutes. (optional).

The shaping of the dessert: two dozen of minutes.


The mascarpone whipped cream:

Pour all the ingredients in the mixing bowl: the sugar, the mascarpone, and the whipping cream.

Start your mixer and let the cream rise till it becomes firmer.


Pour the cream in a bowl.

Wrap it with plastic.

And place it in the fridge. It can stay there for several hours.


The meringue:

Preheat your oven at 100°C.


Pour your egg whites in the mixing bowl.

Use the beater and start your mixer till your eggs have risen at ¾.


When your egg whites start to harden. Pour your sugar on top while the mixer is still running.


Your meringue is ready when it forms a beak at the end of your beater.


Place a round nozzle at the bottom of your pastry bag and fill it with the egg whites.

Form bars or disks, depending on your desire.


Place your meringues in the oven for 1h at 100°C, until they have totally dried out.


The shaping of the dessert:

You can prepare a raspberry purée with some spoons of sugar. Heat up till thickness.

Don’t hesitate to use the raspberries that have been damaged during transport. Even if you must remove the ugly parts with a knife.


Align your meringues in pairs.

Return one of both meringues on the back. And spread your purée on the inside.

If you don’t have fruits purée, spread a small amount of whipped cream.

The aim is to keep the fruits steady.

Place your raspberries on your purée or whipped cream.


Take a clean pastry bag and a fluted nozzle.

Fill it with the whipped cream and turn the bag on itself.


Pipe your whipped cream on the raspberries. Pipe in peak or rose, as you want.


Place a touch of whipped cream on the inside of the second meringue.

Place it on the top of your dessert by gently pressing on it for it to stick.


Here is a dessert so beautiful that nobody can guess how easy it is.

You can prepare the meringues, the purée, and the whipped cream earlier in the day. And shape your dessert just before the service.