Éric Kayser shows you the recipe of the quinoa and einkorn flours bread, cooked in a baking pan.

A unique taste, and most of all a low-gluten bread.


Follow Éric Kayser in this step-by-step simple recipe.

The ingredients:

375g of einkorn flour (+ some for the preparation).

10g of coarse salt.

3g of fresh baker yeast.

100g of sourdough starter.

300g of water.

The utensils:

Baking pans 25 x 11 cm

An electric stand mixer.

Bowls and mixing bowls.

A brush.

The timings:

The kneading: a dozen of minutes.

1st rising: 1h30.

Rest: 10 minutes.

Proofing: 1h.

Baking: 26 minutes at 240°C.


Start by pouring the water and the sourdough starter at the bottom of your mixer.

Add the yeast, on a side, and cover with both flours.

Then, add the salt on the other side, to avoid damaging the yeast.


Start the mixer. You should not knead for too long, knead for eight minutes at 1st speed. And for two more minutes at 2nd speed, a slightly fastest pace.


Dust your table with flour. Get the dough out of the mixing bowl. Be careful, it is very fragile.

Quickly form a pre-ball. And cover your ball with a clean cloth.

Leave the dough to rest (1st rising) for 1h30.


If at midway through the rise, you see that the dough loosens. You just must fold it again on itself to give it strength.


Dust the dough and the scales with flour. Divide your loaves in 300g or 500g pieces, depending on the size of your baking pans.


Slightly dust your table with flour. Pre-form your loaves in the form of a ball by rolling them on themselves. And leave them to rest for a dozen of minutes.


Form loaves at the size and shape of your baking pans. Gently, roll the first half toward the middle and finish by rolling the second half toward the end.

Glue with your palm. Stretch the loaf a bit and press the ends.

Check that your seams are stuck. Otherwise, close them by pinching it between your fingers.


Gently place your loaves in the baking pans, seams underneath.

Dust your hand with flour. And press the dough down the baking pan, toward the angles, to get a bread as levelled as possible.


Leave your loaves to rest for an hour (the proofing) covered with a clean cloth.


If your oven does not make team, brush your loaves with water.


Bake for 26 minutes at 240°C.


Remove your breads from the baking pans while they are still hot. Place them on a cake rack.


Enjoy them as long as possible by preserving them in a clean cloth.

And savour, every morning, beautiful slices of quinoa and einkorn flours bread.