Once again, Éric Kayser welcomes an outstanding guest, the talented Pastry Chef Christophe Michalak.

In this video, he tells us the secrets of one of his childhood’s sweets: the most iconic French Bakery Pastry’s classic: the pastry Flan (the custard tart).

The ingredients:
The Basque’s sweet shortcrust pastry

30g of slightly salted butter (a little bit more for the greasing of the round cake pan)
30g of brown sugar
50g of flour T45
5g of baking powder

The ingredients:
The cream

350g of semi-skimmed milk
100g of crème fraiche
60g of brown sugar
30g of cornflour
10g of orange blossom water
60g of egg yolks
1 vanilla pod

The utensils:

A saucepan
A mixing bowl
A wooden spoon
A whisk
A knife
A round cake pan
Greaseproof paper

The timings:

Preparation of the sweet shortcrust pastry: between 5 and 10 minutes
Blind baking of the sweet shortcrust pastry: 10 minutes at 160°C
Preparation of the cream: between 5 and 10 minutes
Cool down of the preparation: 30 minutes
Baking: 30 minutes at 160°C

The recipe:

Let the butter soften outside the fridge.
Put your soften butter in the mixing bowl.
Add the brown sugar, the baking powder and the flour.


Knead your dough in order to have a crumble texture, first, to have a more compact texture, at the end.


Place the greaseproof paper at the bottom of the cake pan.
Grease the circumference inside the cake pan with butter or oil.


With your hands, place the sweet shortcrust pastry at the bottom of the cake pan (be careful to not compact it too much).
Blind bake the sweet shortcrust pastry for 10 minutes at 160°C.


Pour the milk in the saucepan.
Divide your vanilla pod in two and scrub the beans with your knife.
Add the cream in your preparation.
Bring the preparation to the boil.


At the same time, in the mixing bowl, stir with a whisk the brown sugar, the cornflour, the egg yolks for two or three minutes, in order for the blending to turn pale. Don’t stir it for too long.


Once the milk boiled, get the vanilla pod out of the saucepan (don’t hesitate to mix it to do vanilla-sugar for another cake).


Pour the half of the liquid preparation in the mixing.
And stir this new making with a whisk.


Pour this last mix in the preparation left in the saucepan.
Bring the preparation to the boil and stir all along the boiling process.
After boiling, keep on stirring for a minute in the saucepan sill on the induction hob.


Out of the hob, pour the orange blossom water.


Pour the cream on the blind bake pastry at the two third of the cake pan.


Let it cool down for 30 minutes.


Then, place it in the oven for 30 minutes at 160°C.


Let it cool down.


Have a bite and experience your childhood back.