Maison Kayser Academy

A strong taste and a sweet touch, the Norwegian bread, an easy-to-bake homemade recipe

Eric Kayser is showing you an easy-to-bake bread, but nevertheless, a very generously flavoured one.


A flavoured bread balanced by a red fruits touch.


Easy to realise, it can be savoured all along the day.

The ingredients:

400g of all-purpose (plain) flour, type 65

300g of einkorn wheat flour.

300g of whole wheat flour, type 150.

20g of coarse salt.

150g of sourdough starter.

25g of honey.

10g of fresh baker yeast.

600g of water at 65°C.

180g of red fruits and seeds mix (here: cranberries, strawberries and blueberries and some seeds. But, listen to your desires; just fruits, just seeds, whatever you like, you just have to have around 100g of ingredients per kilo of dough).

A small quantity of butter to grease the baking pans (optional).

The utensils:

2 middle size baking pans.

An electric stand mixer.

A dough scrapper.

The timings:

The kneading: less than a dozen of minutes.

Rising: until the dough gets to the top of the baking pan (depending on the temperature of your room).

1st rising (in the baking pans): ± 40 minutes at 240°C.

2nd rising (removed from the pans): ± 20 minutes at 200°C.

Start by pouring the water in the mixer bowl and start it.

Add the yeast, the three flours, the sourdough starter, the honey and the salt.

Do not knead for too long, just enough time to have a homogeneous dough, without lumps.

Add a little bit of water at the end to dilute the dough.


Add your red fruits mixing. Be careful to slow down your electric mixer at a slow speed and to knead just enough time to incorporate the fruits to the dough. Otherwise you may grind the fruits and they wouldn’t appear in the bread after baking.


Grease your baking pans with butter. Be careful to grease the angles and corners.


Fill your baking pans at two-thirds.

Pack down the dough by tapping the bottom of your baking pans on your table to level the dough in the pan.

Moisturise the top of your dough with a bit of water.

And finish the levelling by guiding the dough toward the angles.


Leave your dough to rest till it gets to the top of your baking pan (depending on the temperature of your room).


Moisturise the top of your dough with water.


Place your baking pans in your oven. And bake for 40 minutes at 240°C.


Remove your Norwegian breads from the pans.

And place them, again, in your oven for 20 minutes at 200°C.


A simple recipe to bake with a flavour that will stay in your mouth for a long time.