Hazelnuts and chestnuts are the stars of the festive season

?ric Kayser and his team are offering a special edition “hazelnutine” Yule log Hazelnuts are renowned for their delicate flavour and are one of our favourite “berries”. Here, crisp meets creamy with a combination of hazelnut dacquoise sponge, traditional (almond and hazelnut) praline, roasted hazelnuts and lemon mousse…Its sweetness and subtle flavour evoke childhood memories of nougat, pralines and praline cream.The combination of hazelnuts and lemon is divine. The sweet zing of the lemon complements the hazelnut flavour beautifully, tantalising the taste buds.This dessert’s mix of textures, acidity and sweetness make it a fresh and fabulous finale to a festive meal.Limited edition “hazelnutine” log available from 14 to 31 December 2018.One size only, serves 6 to 8 peopleIntroducing the ?ric Kayser bakery essential Yule log collection, available from 14 December?ric Kayser Yule log: chocolate sponge, praline crisp, vanilla cr?me brul?e, chocolate mousse and dark chocolate icing.Rose D?sir Yule log: Breton biscuit, vanilla financier, sponge fingers, raspberry cream, fromage blanc mousse and raspberries.Coffee Yule log: coffee-soaked sponge fingers, coffee crisp (traditional praline with coffee beans), coffee cr?me br?l?e and coffee & chocolate mousse.Characterful chestnut breadThe final month of the year marks the return of our famous chestnut and buckwheat bread, the perfect accompaniment to a festive meal. Soft and slightly sweet, it goes beautifully with foie gras.