Maison Kayser x WhatRocks

To thank you for your loyalty.
Maison Kayser gives you the opportunity to support the charity of your choice.

Kayser X Whatrocks; mode d'emploi

What is WhatRocks™?

Maison Kayser joins forces with WhatRocks to help you support the charity organisations that matter to you.


First of all, WhatRocks is a non-profit foundation that aims to promote philanthropy and civic engagement through technology, media, marketing, communications and impact advertising


Next, it is a mobile app’ virtual wallet that enables you to collect digital rewards* (called ‘Rocks™’) given by sponsor brands, which commit together to a better society. At Maison Kayser, we are proud to be part of this collective action


You can, then, transform your ‘Rocks™’ in donations to the charity of your choice among 200 non-profit organisations suggested by WhatRocks including Médecins Sans Frontières, Right to play, Handicap international, Rainforest Alliance, and many more.


(* No purchase necessary – nonexchangeable with money)

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To take part in the loyalty and solidarity adventure, you just must:


1. Download the WhatRocks app’ on your mobile phone. AppleStore ou Google Play


2. Join for free with the sponsorship MAISONKAYSER. And get a 500Rocks™’ welcome.


3. Visit one of our French bakeries (no purchase necessary - except airports and train stations), go on our social medias @maisonkayser or follow our newsletter (one collect per day, maximum).


4. Add your Rocks™ up and transform them in donations for the charity organisations approved by WhatRocks foundation.


With WhatRocks, let’s make a better world all together.

How does it works?

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Download the app'

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