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Sun-dried tomato and Mexican chilli ciabatta – Bread of the month, July and August 2018

Enjoy a little bit of sunshine in our fresh ciabatta with organic oilve oil. Each slice of our ciabatta bread is garnished with sun dried tomatoes and a touch of mexican chili.

Embrace the taste of summer with our golden ciabatta made with extra virgin olive oil. Slice into this summer loaf to reveal a sun-dried tomato core, preserved in a way that retains all of its nutrients. This preservation method comes directly from Italy, where the tomatoes were dried in the sun so they lasted through the long winter months. Our bakers have paired this condiment with a dash of Mexican chilli to lift its flavour and tantalise your taste buds.

Our July and August bread of the month will add a little ray of sunshine to your summer salads or make the perfect partner for your aperitifs.