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Spirulina and Pumpkin Seed Bread – Bread of the month, October 2018

In October, Maison Kayser will take good care of you with its new Spirulina and Pumpkin Seed Ciabatta. This moist bread contains a generous drizzle of olive oil packed with essential fatty acids – the secret to good health. Enjoyed all over the world from the 9th century (Chad) until the 16th century (the Aztecs), spirulina – a blue-green cyanobacterium – is classed in the family of “super foods”. The exceptional nutritional qualities of spirulina make it a powerful ally for your body. Easily digested, it’s a natural product extremely rich in beta-carotene, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin E (antioxidant), protein, minerals and oligo-elements.
Get your body ready for winter by filling up on essential nutrients: pair our ciabatta with a fruit spread for breakfast or enjoy it toasted as a colourful appetiser to impress your guests.