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Mother’s Day – Pink Heart Macaronade

Maison Kayser has created a sublime dessert with a crunchy pink heart macaroon shell to please mothers!

To celebrate all those wonderful mothers out there, the bakers at Maison Kayser have created a magnificent dessert that combines the crisp crunch of meringue with the fruitiness of strawberry coulis and the creaminess of vanilla. It’s as inviting as one of mum’s hugs and as sweet as her kisses! And to make it look (almost!) as gorgeous as mum, we’ve decorated it with a mix of summer fruits and a big, beautiful heart.

Our Pink Heart Macaronade made with no added colours is available in our bakeries from 25 to 27 May, to serve 4 or 6 people.

A light, fruity, gourmet delight that is sure to make mum melt.

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