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The simple recipe of the low gluten einkorn wheat bread by Eric Kayser

We say that it is the ancestor of the wheat. That it is as good for us that for our taste buds.


Éric Kayser is showing you his einkorn wheat bread’s recipe to be baked in a cake pan.


An excerpt of his new baker’s book: "Le grand livre du pain" (in French).

The ingredients:

1st step (refreshing the starter):

45g of liquid sourdough starter.

135g of einkorn wheat flour.

70g of water.

The ingredients:

2nd step:

10g of honey.

2g of fresh baker’s yeast.

10g of coarse salt.

250g of einkorn wheat starter (see step 1).

500g of einkorn wheat flour.

320g d'eau.

(A bit of butter or oil to grease the pans).

The utensils:

An electric stand mixer.

Baking pans.

A knife.

Some mixing bowls.

A dough scraper.

A brush.

The timings (in two days)

Rest of the einkorn wheat starter: more or less 3 hours.

Kneading: a dozen of minutes.

Rest: 30 minutes.

Pre-shaping: 5 minutes.

Rest in the fridge: 12 hours.

Shaping: 5 minutes.

Proofing: 2h30.

Baking: ± 45 minutes at 235°C.

1st DAY:

Calculate the water temperature by taking account of the following formula:
72°C – Room temperature – Floor temperature = Water temperature.

Pour the liquid starter, the water and the einkorn wheat flour in your electric stand mixer bowl.

Start your electric stand mixer and blend until you get a homogeneous dough.


Cover with a clean cloth and leave it to rest for 3 hours at room temperature.


As you did before, take account of the following formula: 72°C – Room temperature – Floor temperature = Water temperature

Begin by pouring the water and the fresh baker yeast into the bowl of your electric mixer.

Start your mixer at slow pace.

And add the einkorn wheat starter, the honey, the einkorn wheat flour and the salt.

Knead for a dozen of minutes.


Dust your table with flour.

Form a rough ball with your dough.

And leave it to rest for 30 minutes under a clean cloth at room temperature.


Form a ball with your dough, again.

Put it down a mixing bowl and cover it with a plastic wrap.

Place the bowl in the fridge for the night (12h).


2nd DAY:

Grease your baking pan with a brush (be careful to apply the grease on the corners). But, don’t brush too much grease, otherwise your bread will have a fat taste.


Shape your dough in the form of your cake pan, by folding it three times on itself. Be careful not to handle it for too long. Because it is a very fragile dough.

Fill your pan at two-thirds.


Cover your pans with cloths.

And leave your doughs to rest in the baking pan for 2h30 at room temperature.


Moisturize you doughs with a brush and a bit of water.


You can sign your doughs with your knife. But, be careful not to damage the rising of the loaves.


Place in the oven for 45 minutes at 235°C.


Get your bread out of the pans just after baking (otherwise they would soften).


Here a simple recipe for the einkorn wheat lovers.