Mercotte invites us to share a delicious moment with her.

With Éric Kayser, she unveils the secret of her Savoy cake’s recipe.

A simple and fast recipe to be baked with your family for a shared afternoon tea.

The ingredients:

4 big organic eggs.

40g of flour.

40g of starch.

80g of blond cane sugar.

One unprocessed organic lemon zest.

Icing sugar for the decoration.

Sugar (for the baking tin).

Melted butter (for the baking tin).

The utensils.

An electric stand mixer with its beater.

A non-stick savoy cake tin 18 cm Ø, height: 9 cm.

A sieve.

A zester.

A rubbing spatula.

A brush.

Some bowls.

The timings:

The preparation of the pastry: a dozen of minutes.

The baking: 25-30 minutes at 180°C.

Brush your melted butter all over the corners of your baking tin.

Add your sugar in the tin. And turn your baking tin on itself until it sticks the butter all over the tin.

Sieve the flour and the starch.

(For a low gluten Savoy cake, you can easily replace the flour by its weight in starch).

Zest your unprocessed organic lemon.

Separate your whites and yolks.


Pour your white egg in your mixing bowl and start at middle speed.

Incorporate your sugar little by little when your egg white starts to foam. Beat the egg white till it forms a bird’s beak.

Then, add the yolk and blend a few seconds till complete incorporation.


Get the mixing bowl out of the mixer and blend the sieved flour and starch little by little. Place your rubber spatula in the middle of the bowl and carefully lift the preparation to the edges. Don’t hesitate to turn your bowl in the meantime.

Once the preparation is homogeneous, add the lemon zest and incorporate in the same way, to not damage your egg.


Pour your preparation in your baking tin.

Place into the oven for 25-30 minutes at 180°C, ideally, in a convection oven.


Remove from the tin and leave to cool down.


Once cool, sieve some icing sugar on the top of your cake.


Savour it plain, with a custard or a red fruits coulis.


A huge thank you to Mercotte for this simple recipe to share with your close ones.