Eric Kayser shows the secret of his guilty pleasure: the madeleine.


Beautiful and well shaped, its smooth heart will melt yours.

The ingredients:

250g of floor

280g of sugar

7g of fresh baker yeast

1 vanilla pod

250g of butter

4 eggs

The utensils:

A madeleines shaped baking pan

A spatula

A pastry bag

A sieve

A whisk

A mixing bowl

A knife

The timings:

Blending of the ingredients: more or less 10 minutes

Filling of the baking pan: less than 10 minutes

Rest in the fridge: one night

Baking: 17 minutes at 160°C

The recipe:

Melt the butter in the microwaves. Be careful to have a creamy butter, not a totally melted one.


Cut your vanilla pod in half and get the beans inside with the back of your knife.


Mix the vanilla beans and the eggs with a whisk in the mixing bowl.


Then, add the sugar and mix, again.


Sift the yeast and the flour with a whisk. Then, mix them with the first blending till your dough is perfectly smooth.


Then, pour the creamy butter and mix until you obtain a perfect blending.


According to your taste, add ingredients of your own (chocolate, jam, etc...) and personalise your madeleines.


You can put your blending in the fridge for a night, now. Or if you prefer, after the filling of your baking pan.


Fill your pastry bag with your blending.

Fill the holes of your baking pan at two-third.


Tap your baking pan on your table to level your dough.


If you have not placed your blending in the fridge, yet. You can put it in, now, for a night. It is the secret to have a nice head (the dome) on the top of your madeleines, the same as nice alveolus inside.


Place it into the oven for 17 minutes at 160°C.


Savour this guilty pleasure without regrets.