Gourmet, simple but essential.

Éric Kayser teaches you a very easy pistachio cake recipe.

Some ingredients, a few utensils and a lot of passion.

The ingredients:

Sugar: 240g
Eggs: 3
Salt: 1g
Baking powder: 3g
Flour: 180g
Butter: 50g
Single cream: 100g
Pistachio paste: 80g

The utensils:

Electric stand mixer with a flat beater.
Loaf pans.
Dough scraper.

The timing:

Kneading: more or less 10 minutes in the mixer
Baking: more or less 30 minutes at 180°C.

The recipe:

Break the egg and add the sugar in the electric stand mixer.
Start at first speed.
And blend till the preparation is blanched.


I can speed up a bit and add the powder and the salt.


Slow down the mixer and add the flour.
Pour the flour slowly in order to avoid lumps.

Add the single cream gently. It should be at 25°C.


Pour the pistachio paste.
Be careful to have a perfectly blended preparation before adding the butter. If there are any pistachio parts left, your cake would be too bitter.


And finally, melt the butter in the microwaves and add it to the preparation. Or, if you want, clarify it at bain-marie.

Pour your preparation in greaseproof loaf pans.

Then, tap gently the loaf pans on the table for the preparation to fall down the angles.


Bake at 180°C for 32, 33 minutes.


A lovely gourmet moment to be savour at tea time with children laughs.