Spring is here, and strawberries are back in our markets.

Éric Kayser has decided to celebrate by showing you the recipe of the strawberry tart offered on his bakeries worldwide.

Follow him, step by step, in this gourmet moment.

The ingredients for the shortcrust pastry:

210g of all-purpose plain flour
50g of icing sugar
30g of sugar
130g of butter (+ a little bit more for the pastry ring)
30g of almond powder
2g of salt
1 egg

The ingredients for the light cream:

270g of milk
30g of cornstarch
40g of the yellow of the egg
55g of sugar
30g of butter
(+ Vanilla pod, rum, depending on your taste).
125g of crème fraîche

The Ingredients for the topping:

600g of strawberries
(+ a little bit of syrup and/or ground pistachios or almonds depending on your desires).

The utensils:

A mixer.
Some mixing bowls.
A pastry ring or tin.
A rolling pin.
A dough scrapper.
A pastry bag.
Pastry beans (or lentils) for the blind baking.
Greaseproof paper.
A whisk.

The timings for the shortcrust pastry:

Kneading: 10 minutes
Rest: minimum 2 hours
Blind baking: 15 minutes at 160°C

The timings for the light cream:

Crème pâtissière: more or less 10 minutes
Whipped cream: more or less 10 minutes

The timings for the final shaping:

More or less 15 minutes.

The recipe:

*The shortcrust pastry*
Soften the butter with your hands or quickly in the microwaves.
Add the butter in your mixer with the beater.


Start the mixer and mix until the butter is very soft.


Add the sugars, the salt and the almond powder.


Don’t hesitate to stop your mixer to catch the ingredients in the bowl of your mixer.


Once the mixing is fine, add the egg.


Slow your mixer down and pour the flour gently.


Once the mixing is more or less homogeneous, stop the mixer.
Get the preparation out of the mixer, place it down your floured tabled and finish the kneading with your hands.


Leave the pastry to rest in the fridge, at least for two hours (or for the night if you want).


Dust your table with flour before placing the pastry in it.


Cut 165g of this pastry.


Flatten this piece with your rolling pin, side after side, in order to obtain a perfect circle.


Greaseproof your pastry tin or circle with butter.
Gently place the pastry on it.
Make holes with a fork.
Place the greaseproof paper on the pastry dough and pour your pastry beans on it in order to have a homogeneous baking.


Blind bake your pastry for 15 minutes at 160°C.


*The light crème pâtissière*
Keep a little bit of cold milk on a mixing bowl.


Pour the rest of your milk in a pan on the hob.
Heat your milk (your can flavour it with vanilla or rum if you want).


While doing so, add the cornstarch in the cold milk and mix with the whisk to avoid lumps.
One the mixing is homogeneous; add the yellow of the eggs and the sugar.


Add your preparation to the boiled milk. Mix with the whisk until the preparation thickens.


Then, add the previously soften butter, out of the hob.Leave the crème pâtissière to cool down.


In the same time, whipped your crème fraîche in the mixer.


Blend the both preparations together.


With the help of the pastry bag, put your preparation at the bottom of the blind baked pastry.
Levelled the preparation with an icing spatula or a wooden spoon.


*The decoration*

Decorate with your strawberries cut in half.
The more gourmets of you could spread ground pistachios or almonds on your tart.


Now is the time to show your close ones your pastry talents.
Impress them, but, most of all, impress yourself with this seasonal recipe.