Remember your childhood’s teatime following the steps of this very easy recipe hosted by Éric Kayser.

These little and smooth biscuits full of almond and butter flavours will be the perfect treat from breakfast to diner.

The ingredients:

85g of egg-whites.
130g of sugar.
65g of 100% ground almonds.
41g of flour.
A pinch of baking powder.
78g of melted butter.
3g of vanilla extract.

The utensils:

A whisk.
A mixing bowl.
An electric stand mixer.
A dessertspoon.
A baking tin.

The timings:

Kneading: 2 minutes with the mixer or 10 minutes with the whisk.
Rest: 15 minutes
Baking: 35 min at 150°C

The recipe:

On one side whip the egg-whites to a light mousse in the electric mixer.


On the other side, mix with a whisk on a mixing bowl all the dry ingredients: the sugar, the ground almonds, the flour and the baking powder.
Be careful to have a homogeneous mix at the end.


Slow down the mixer at first speed.
And pour the dry mixing in light mousse egg-whites.


Once this new blending is homogeneous, add the melted butter.


And the vanilla just before the end of the kneading.


Leave it to rest for 15 minutes.


Grease your baking tin if it is not greaseproof.
Fill it two-thirds up.


Level the surface of the financiers with a dessertspoon or your humidified fingers.


Put into the oven for 35 minutes at 150°C.


Close your eyes and savour.