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Simple and tasty, Éric Kayser shows you the step-by-step recipe of the pancake and the wrap sandwich

The wrap is a good and healthy snack.

And it is just a wheat flour and olive oil pancake filled with fresh and seasonal ingredients.


Éric Kayser shows you how to realise one from A to Z; from the recipe of the pancake to the folding of the sandwich. And what’s even better? It is ultra-simple.

The ingredients:

For the pancake:

400g of T55 wheat flour.

1 teaspoon of salt.

90g of olive oil (+ a few more for the cooking).

150g of water.

The ingredients:

For the sandwich:

Here, just an example, of one of the many sandwiches you can create following your imagination.

30g of cream cheese or houmous.

35g of green salad.

35g of grated carrots.

5g of mint.

20f of cucumber slices.

2 or 3 falafels.


The utensils:

An electric stand mixer.

Mixing bowls and bowls.

A rolling pin.

A pan and a hotplate.


The timings:

The kneading of the pancake: 5 minutes.

Rest of the dough: more or less 30 minutes.

Pre-shaping: a dozen of minutes.

Rest of the dough: more or less 30 minutes.

Shaping: a dozen of minutes.

Cooking of the pancakes: one or two minutes on each side.

Cooling down of the pancake: more or less 30 minutes.

Shaping of the sandwiches: two to three minutes per sandwich.


Pour the liquid first, the water and the oil, and add the salt and the flour.

Blend at first speed to get a homogeneous dough. Be careful not to knead for too long or your dough would become too elastic.


Once homogeneous, place it on your slightly floured table. Cover it with a clean cloth and leave it to rest for more or less 30 minutes.


Divide your dough in 100g loaves.

Form balls with your loaves. Either by slightly pressing your dough and bringing back all the edges toward the middle. Or simply by rolling it between your hands.


Leave your balls to rest between 20 and 30 minutes under a clean cloth.


Slightly dust your table with flour and roll your loaves out with your rolling pin. Turn them a quarter of a turn as you go along to get the most rounded dough possible. At the end, your dough should have a 2 millimetres thickness.

Slightly dust the top of your loaf with flour to avoid sticking with the next loaf.

Repeat these with the next loaves.



Heat your pan until it is very hot.

Grease your pan with oil.

Take back your loaves and roll them out a last time for them to have the circumference of the pan.

Cooked for one or two minutes on each side.

Repeat these steps for the other loaves.


Spread a thin layer of cream cheese or houmous on your pancake. It is important to have the cream cheese all over the pancake. Be careful, the pancake is fragile.

Add your ingredients between the 1st quarter and the middle of the pancake to make the folding easier.


Fold the sides on the middle. And fold the first quarter on the ingredients by pushing them on the back of the pancake. Roll everything on itself and lightly press the pancake between your two hands.


You can present it cut in half in order to enhance the colours or your ingredients.


Savour this “as healthy as tasty” snack during a well deserve break.