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Eric Kayser invites you to celebrate a gourmet Holidays with the recipe of his chocolate Yule log

Éric Kayser invites you to spend a gourmet Christmas with your close ones.


Follow the step-by-step video recipe of his chocolate roll Yule log.


A recipe in several steps, a bit long to make, but it is worth the effort. So, don’t hesitate to try and try the recipe before the D-day, a Yule log can be eaten all along winter.

The ingredients:
The chocolate Biscuit

125g of egg white.

25g of sugar.

125g of egg yolk.

105g of sugar.

60g of T55 flour.

30g of cocoa powder.

60g of melted butter.

The ingredients:
The syrup

200g of sugar.

200g of water.

Flavours: kirsch, rum or vanilla etc…


The ingredients:
The chocolate butter cream (for the Yule log and the decoration)

170g of milk.

66g of egg yolk.

66g of sugar.

500g of butter.

220g of chocolate.


The ingredients:
The decoration (according to your desires)

Chocolate chips.

Icing sugar.

Small Christmas decoration.

Chocolate end pieces for the sides.


The utensils:

Mixing bowls.

An electric stand mixer.

A pan and a hotplate.

A pastry bag (and a notched pastry pipe or a fork).

A drip tray and greaseproof paper.

Greaseproof papers.

A rubber spatula.

A brush.

A palette knife (ideally).

A sieve (for the decoration with the icing sugar).

The timings:
The chocolate Biscuit

The kneading: a dozen of minutes.

The baking: a dozen of minutes at 160°C (+ some time for the biscuit to cool down).


The timings
The syrup

The baking: a dozen of minutes (can be prepared the day before).


The chocolate butter cream

The preparation: a dozen of minutes (+ some time for the custard to cool down).


The timings:
The shaping and the decoration

The shaping: a dozen of minutes.

The decoration: will depend on your desire.


Ideally, prepare your Yule log the day before your reception, to have all the cream and its flavours to wet the biscuit.


The kirsch syrup (can be prepared the day before):

Pour the water, the sugar and the kirsch in a pan. Start at a low heat and whisk your preparation until the mixing is homogeneous. When the blending boils, simmer for five minutes. Leave it to cool down.


The chocolate biscuit:

Pour the egg white in the electric stand mixer bowl.

When the egg white has solidified, add the first part of the sugar (25g). And keep mixing till it has hardened.


At the same time, whisk your egg yolk and the second part of the sugar (105g) in your mixing bowl.


With your whisk, blend gently your hardened egg and the egg and sugar blending.

Once the mixing is homogeneous, add the cocoa and blend it, just as gentle as before, in the mixing with the rubber spatula.

Do it again with the flour and then, the melted butter.


Cover your drip tray with a greaseproof paper.

Spread your preparation with a palette knife. Be careful to level the whole biscuit surface.


Put in the oven for 12 minutes at 160°C.

After baking, get the biscuit and its paper out of the drip tray and place them on a oven rack to cool down.


The chocolate butter cream:

At first melt the chocolate at bain-marie.


Whisk the egg yolk and the sugar in a pan.

At the same time, pour the milk in a pan and bring it to the boil.

Pour the boiled milk on the egg and sugar blending and whisk till it is homogeneous. You should feel neither fragments nor lump.

Place your pan on the hotplate and wait till it reaches 86°C.


Leave your custard to cool down off the heat (transfer in a mixing bowl to speed up the cooling).


Pour your custard cream and the butter in your electric mixing bowl.

Mix till the preparation is homogeneous. And add your melted chocolate.

Be careful to not blend for too long or your preparation would be grainy.


Glaze generously your cold biscuit with the kirsch syrup and a brush.

Be careful to not soak it.

Spread your chocolate butter cream on the surface of your biscuit with your palette knife. Be careful to level your cream preparation all over the biscuit and avoid putting too much cream or it would be too sweet.


Roll the Yule log on itself with the help of the biscuit greaseproof paper.


The decoration

Pour the rest of your butter cream in your pastry bag.

Pipe rolls of cream all over the Yule log.

Make a tree trunk decoration with a fork previously dipped in hot water.


For the sides, you could either place chocolate end pieces or another layer of butter cream.


Place chocolate chips in the finished Yule log.

For the “snow effect”, tap the side of an icing sugar sieve on top of your Yule log.


I wish you splendid End of Year celebrations.