The first chapter of Maison Kayser's story was written at 8 rue Monge, Paris on Friday 13 September 1996. It was the natural continuation of a journey started by a young man many years earlier

Born into a family of bakers, Eric Kayser inherited a PASSION for bread-making. He soon joined the Compagnons du Devoir, a French trade guild for skilled workers and artisans, where he learned traditional techniques and acquired a taste for developing and passing on knowledge.

Product development
and gluten-free products

Our story is still being written. To meet the expectations of our customers, we are continually improving our products to give them more taste, using ever more cutting-edge production methods and selecting the very finest ingredients. Since the end of 2013, our gluten-intolerant customers have been able to enjoy our products thanks to the gluten-free range offered by some of our Parisian bakeries or delivered to your door.


At the beginning of the 1990s, very few people thought that high-quality bread would ever make a comeback. Eric Kayser did. He put his faith in creating "traditional" bread, made additive-free French wheat flour using specially selected wheat and levain - a live fermenting agent that improves the bread's taste and shelf life. For ten years he taught at the Institut National de la Boulangerie-Pâtisserie (INBP) and then set up his own consulting business. His aim was to share his knowledge and skills with bakers all over the world. Since then, his methods have been reproduced all over and French craftsmanship has reached every corner of the globe.

In 1994 he invented the Fermentolevain, a machine that allows liquid levain to be kept at a constant temperature and makes it easier to use. This was the cornerstone of Eric Kayser's success and his quest to create bread with a creamy interior, all the flavour of cereal and dried fruit and an excellent shelf life.

Building a global business with an artisan flavour

Eric Kayser has successfully shared his vision of baking with the rest of the world by creating a truly global business. In every country, our products reflect local tastes and culture. Nontheless the Monge baguette remains one of Maison Kayser's iconic product elsewhere. Bread takes on many forms around the world, but our expertise chose high qualtity ingredients that remain consistant to Éric Kayser vision.

Maison Kayser's international expansion began in 2001 in Japan. Now Japan is the third largest market, with around fourty-one operating stores . The commitment and talent shown by Japanese bakers and chefs has been an inspiration to the employees, whether in France, Portugal, the Philippines, the USA, Chile, Ivory Coast or elsewhere. Every minute, someone is enjoying one of our creations somewhere in the world. We are determine to share the love of good bread. In the future, Maison Kayser has set its sights on retaining its artisan baker status and proudly bearing the values it holds dear. Whether it is train station, airport, shopping center, or high street, the recipes remain the same.