In pursuit of natural goodness in our new Austerlitz bakery, Paris (13th)

In pursuit of natural goodness in our new Austerlitz bakery, Paris (13th)Focusing on all things natural with traditional bread and authentic food made from natural ingredients.Maison Kayser’s new “natural” abode has a very modern setting: the Be Open building in the new Austerlitz district.This lively hub (400m2) has seating for 130 people with a terrace and is located at 15 avenue Pierre Mend?s-France, Paris 13.In this semi-futuristic setting, ?ric Kayser and his team are focusing on all things natural, producing good, healthy products with passion and patience and a signature bread made with ancient wheat.Farmers’ seeds, vegetables grown in Saint-Denis and freshly baked bread all have an important role to play in highlighting the expertise of our ancestors.?ric Kayser is determined to use the most natural products possible at every stage of production to offer his customers unparalleled quality. “In the same way as a grape variety influences a wine, the taste of a bread is largely determined by its levain and its flour”.Masion Kayser is committed to using and finding new ways to use ancient wheat and prioritises short supply chains to champion traditional ingredients and skills.Pain des Anciens, made with wheat flour from farmers’ seedsMade from ancestral stoneground semi-wholemeal flour (type 80) and natural levain, this traditional loaf is naturally low in gluten and rich in nutrients.?ric Kayser has advocated this way of working with wheat since he started out in the business: a very short kneading time and very long fermentation (48 hrs), with the addition of natural levain to make the bread easier to digest and give it an authentic taste.Then the expertise of the bakery manager and her team comes into play. Their job is to create a deliciously crunchy crust and a soft interior with a melting mouthfeel.”Fast food”: an intuitive and authentic cuisineIn both the kitchen and the bakery, simplicity is the keyEvery day our chef creates specially prepared dishes based on the seasonal availability of meat, fish, vegetables and herbs.Everything is fresh and taste is everything. Meals are perfectly balanced, made by experts and taste amazing. It’s all about making meals with beautiful produce.The vegetables, which are supplied by Parti Po?tique (an artists’ collective led by Olivier Darn?), are steamed in a traditional bread oven.The daily lunch menu includes a fish dish, a meat dish and a choice of seasonal vegetables and seeds.Specially for vegetariansOur “fast food” includes a wide range of vegetables cooked at low temperature to retain their flavour and aroma, with all the great seeds and cereals we use in our bread, such as spelt, fonio, millet, rice, buckwheat and quinoa.On the dessert front, our vegan chocolate mousse will hit the spot.Every Kayser bakery is uniqueIts layout, d?cor and ambiance reflect its city and neighbourhood.?ric Kayser’s team creates sweet and savoury delights to be enjoyed at any time of the day. At Austerlitz, a special mention goes to our delicious Vend?e brioches sold by weight, made the traditional way (fermented for 48 hrs).Boulangerie Kayser Austerlitz15, avenue Pierre Mend?s-France75013 ParisOpen from 7am to 8pm, Monday to Friday