Fig fruit spread

240 g

Une préparation composée de 70% de figues et 30% de sucre.

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A spread made with 70% figs and 30% sugar, perfect for breakfast or a snack. Our fruit spreads are crafted with 70g of fruit per 100g of product using traditional methods. Enjoy your fruit spread on a nice slice of sourdough or gluten-free bread.
Storage method
Store at room temperature. After opening the jar, refrigerate and consume within 3 weeks.
Figue (70%), sucre de canne (30%), gélifiant : pectine de fruits, jus de citron.
Nutritional values
Valeurs moyennes pour 100g : 782 kJ/184 Kcal. Matières grasses : 0,42g dont moins de 0,1g d’acides gras saturés. Glucides : 44g dont 37,6g de sucres. Protéines : 0,6g. Sel : 0,0009g.

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