Fabrication de pain


Creating superior-quality bread demands a specific philosophy, values and principles. It is this very philosophy and these very values and principles, that our bakers follow and apply each and every day. Eric Kayser has built his company on solid foundations from day one, creating a unique movement that is constantly adapting

A Commitment to Innovation

Although technology is important, our commitment to innovation goes much deeper than that. We seek to create a new type of store – places that are bright, bustling communities in their own right. This represents something new and unusual in French bakeries and is inspired in particular by practices observed in Asia, where customers expect to be able to sit down and enjoy their purchases in-store.

Innovation is not necessarily a concept associated with artisan baking – an activity underpinned by time-served traditions and methods. Yet Eric Kayser takes an altogether different approach, driven by his unwavering commitment to enhancing the flavor and shelf-life of his breads through innovation.

Maison Kayser is a truly international company – an attribute that informs our very approach to our role as artisan bakers. We understand that our traditional craft needs to evolve into something more vibrant and modern that reflects the trends of our time. Our "bakery restaurants" are a prime example of this commitment – they are innovative in their own right yet also reflect major underlying trends. A key moment came in 1994 with the invention of the Fermentolevain, a revolutionary machine that keeps liquid leavening agent at just the right temperature, making it easier to work with. This enabled Eric Kayser to pursue his ambition of creating bread with a creamy center, distinctive grain and dried fruit flavors and an excellent shelf-life.

A Dynamic, International Company with Traditional Values

Having plied his trade as an educator, Eric Kayser decided set up his own company, giving him an outlet to transmit his unique vision. The company now boasts an extensive international presence. Maison Kayser expanded its operations into Japan in 2002, where it now has 32 stores, making it the company's number one market.

The talent and dedication of the company's Japanese staff and chefs have inspired its employees in France, Portugal, the Philippines, the United States, Chile and elsewhere. Yet the heart and soul of the company remain firmly rooted in Paris, where each and every new chef undergoes a rigorous training process lasting up to a year before taking up their position.

The baker dusts the divided portions with flour before shaping them

Fabrication de pain

From the outset, the company has had a consistent "signature": Opening bakeries that reflect the neighborhoods and cities in which they are located, and where bread is baked freshly, on-site, all day long. This commitment reflects our brand's unwavering pursuit of quality, and its determination to be more than just another "chain". Each store is a community in its own right. It is a bright, bustling, welcoming place, where customers seek enjoyment and socialize throughout the day.

In each country, our bakeries create products suited to the local culture and tastes. While the baguette Monge remains one of our brand's signature products, our breads vary by texture, color, size and flavor. Yet each and every product embodies our expertise, our rigorous approach to sourcing ingredients, and our commitment to using natural leavening agent.


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