Fabrication du pain - Nos méthodes

Our methods

Over the years, Maison Kayser has gained a reputation for producing the very finest quality breads, pastries, cakes and cookies. It is a reputation built on an expanding body of expertise and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Liquid Leavening Agent

What sets Eric Kayser apart from the rest is his commitment to using natural leavening agent in his breads and pastries.

This fermentation agent is inextricably linked with the history of bread. It is a mixture of water, flour and sugars (honey, in the case of Maison Kayser) which is then chilled and allowed to rest. It was the first such agent to be used in bread production, so it comes as no surprise that it contains only natural ingredients.

Yet it fell largely out of favor in the 20th century and was replaced by yeast, which is easier to manage and produces fast-rising, high-volume bread. However, the use of yeast results in bread that has a shorter shelf-life and a less distinctive flavor than bread made with a leavening agent.

This is the main reason why Eric Kayser set about reviving this time-honored process, and why a leavening agent is now used in all our breads, croissants, brioches and other products.
This fermentation technique is particularly beneficial at a time of increasing health-consciousness, delivering products that the human body is better able to digest and tolerate. And they taste great, too!

A flour made of French wheat

In France, Maison Kayser’s breads are made on site from French flours surrounding our bakeries. For example, our flour for Maison Kayser’s bakeries in the South of France all come from millers in the Lyon region, and our bakeries in the East all use flour from the Bourgogne region. All of our bakeries in France use wheat that are certified CRC (Culture raisonee controlee or France’s equivalent to responsible farming), Label Rouge or certified organic...

Exceptional Products and Outstanding Service

No matter how good your products are, you need to know how to sell them and how to satisfy extremely demanding customers. Our outlets are staffed by highly-skilled individuals who embody our artisan approach to baking and are experts on each and every one of our breads, pastries, cakes, cookies and sandwiches. They are always on-hand to guide you and ensure you get exactly the right products for your requirements.

Multiple Skills in One Place

Eric Kayser has developed an artisan, diverse and dynamic company with expertise in multiple fields. As well as selling breads, cakes and cookies, Maison Kayser outlets also offer a catering service, a restaurant and in some cases, a store. We approach each of these activities with the same focus and diligence, seeking to blend them together seamlessly. The common link between these activities is bread, which remains the very core of our business and our expertise. It is a feature of all our products, as a component ingredient of elegant dishes, an accompaniment to soups and salads, or a base for a diverse array of sandwiches.


Financiers are small French cakes that make the ideal tea-time snack – something we all remember with fondness from our childhoods. Just like Proust's famous madeleine cake, they have a slightly hardened crust and almond flavor that take us back to our youth with every bite. Maison Kayser has developed a range of miniature financiers in chocolate, plain and pistachio varieties, so there is something for every taste and every occasion.


Macarons (macaroons) are a famous and popular French treat, known for their succession of textures and sensations – hard, melting and smooth all at once. They also come in a range of flavors and colors, bringing renewed joy to the eyes and the taste buds every time. Our macarons come in a variety of flavors, including raspberry, pistachio and chocolate. They vary from season to season, but the process remains the same: Shells made from rigorously selected almond flour, carefully filled with meringue by our expert pastry chefs, and garnished with a generous layer of cream, ganache or fruit confit. A delicious treat that makes a great gift... for someone you appreciate or for yourself.


Our pastries are also made with a natural leavening agent which gives them an exceptional crunchy texture and outstanding shelf-life. The dough is slowly kneaded and butter is then added, ensuring that the mixture is given sufficient resting time to create a multi-layered product. As well as using high-quality ingredients, a good croissant also takes time! Each second of pleasure is the result of many hours of patience.


An éclair like no other... Following public enthusiasm for choux pastry specialties, this classic cake has once again taken the limelight. Maison Kayser has kept one step ahead of the trend, creating a range of éclairs (cream and pastry cakes) in a variety of flavors, from staples such as chocolate and coffee to more unusual versions such as pistachio and seasonal variations.


Everyone had their own pie recipe and their favorite pastry base... whether it's shortbread dough, puff pastry or shortcrust. Maison Kayser creates a range of pies based on seasonal variations and our pastry chefs' latest inspirations, and some of these have even become classics in their own right. The Tarte Monge (Monge Pie), named after our or flagship store, combines the acidic kick of fruit compote and the sweetness of fromage blanc (fermented white cheese). Our Tarte Pistache-Abricot (Apricot and Pistachio Pie), meanwhile, transports you to a warm mid-summer's afternoon... even in the depths of winter!


No meal is complete without a serving of bread. Maison Kayser has developed a range of recipes that place this veritable staple center stage. This is the philosophy behind our "Cuisine du Boulanger" concept, which you will find in every one of our bakeries. Some of our outlets take this concept a step further with our "Restaurant du Boulanger". The possibilities are endless, from a soup or salad bread bowl and sumptuous open sandwiches, to the southern French pan bagnat (round wholewheat sandwich) and Reuben's Sandwich. Bread is the ideal accompaniment to all flavors.