Des membres de l'équipe Kayser


Eric Kayser has built a team of passionate individuals who share his vision of superior-quality bread and artisan methods. Maison Kayser now has outlets across the globe. This international success has been driven by the commitment of our team both in our bakeries and in our stores.

Personal & Professional Development

Eric Kayser has long understood the importance of personal development. It is a value that has remained close to his heart since he joined the Compagnons du Devoir – an organization that places a strong emphasis on sharing and cohesion.

These same values are at the core of Maison Kayser. It employs 1,500 team members, each of whom shares the same commitment to developing the business and embodying its artisan, creative and human values. Each of our bakers and pastry chefs undergoes a one-year training program, during which they learn the principles and methods that underpin the "Kayser signature". The program covers a range key aspects such as the use of natural leavening agents (including the Fermentolevain machine), fermentation time, gentle and respectful kneading and careful shaping. These techniques ensure that our team delivers products with the quality that our customers have come to expect.

The same applies to our sales staff who receive customer service training focusing both on service quality and product information. Bread is a product with a difference and Maison Kayser is committed to developing a keen understanding and passion among its team for this most exceptional product.

One Passion: Cultures and Traditions

With our international presence, Maison Kayser enjoys a unique opportunity to reassess the design of our bakeries and the products we offer. Each and every employee has his or her own contribution to make to this process. We are a truly flexible organization and even though we continue to expand, we have managed to maintain or artisan values and a structure that recognizes individuals and their aspirations. We take this same approach in each and every one of our countries, from France, Mexico and Chile, to the United Arab Emirates, Senegal and Portugal. No matter where they are, our team members share the same passion – a passion for superior-quality bread.

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